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  1. Looking beyond the 10-year period, the botanists estimate that some 3,000 native plant species may become extinct in the foreseeable future—more than 10 percent of the approximately 25,000 species of plants in the United States.

  在展望10年后的情况时植物学家们估计,在未来可预见到的时间内,3 000种本地植物——占美国近25 000种植物的10%——将可能灭绝。

  2. The annual migrations of wildfowl and many other animals certainly cannot be regarded as a form of exploration, because such movements are actually only shifts from one habitat to another for the purpose of avoiding seasonal climatic variations.


  3. Proponents of G-M foods argue using biotechnology in the production of food products has many benefits: it speeds up the process of breeding plants and animals with desired characteristics; can be used to introduce traits that a product wouldn‘t traditionally have; can improve the nutritional value of products; and can produce cheaper and more environmentally friendly fertilizers.


  4. What makes this debate unique is that every meal we eat is at its very core. And that fact means one thing: it‘s an issue to be discussed not only around policy tables, but dinner tables.


  5.“Contact us before writing your application”or“Make use of our long experience in preparing your curriculum vitae or job history” is how it is usually expressed.


  6. There is no doubt, however, that it is the increasing number of applicants with university education at all points in the process of engaging staff that has led to the greater importance of the curriculum vitae.


  7. Other goals of the interview are: to answer questions successfully, obtain any additional information needed to make a decision, accent your special strengths, establish a positive relationship, show confidence, and to sell yourself.


  8. Based on these goals, place yourself in the role of the interviewer and develop anticipated questions and answers to three categories: company data, personal data, and specific job data.


  9. Since the interview will center on you, proper self-management process is divided into four stages: the before stage, the greeting stage, the consultation stage, and the departure stage.


  10. The before stage includes writing a confirmation letter, concentrating on appearance and nonverbal communication, developing your portfolio, anticipating questions with positive responses, and arriving early.


  11. The greeting stage includes greeting everyone courteously, using waiting-room smarts, using your time wisely, and applying proper protocol when meeting the interviewer.


  12. The consultation stage includes responsiveness and enthusiasm, knowing when to interject key points, showing sincerity, highlighting your strengths, and listening intently.


  13. If the company doesn‘t respond in two weeks, call back or write a follow-up letter. You may get turned down. If so, try to find out why as a means of self-improvement.


  14. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness—that terrible loneliness in which one‘s shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss.


  15. Non-traditional students, overwhelmingly female, began to study on a part-time basis, the numbers of women going to graduate school increased, and women sought entry to the non-traditional position of university faculty member.


  16. This decline occurred in both coeducational and women‘s colleges where women faculty declined from 72% in 1940 to 50% in 1955 and dropped to a low of 45% in 1978.


  17. More than one-third of employers in a new survey say they would probably cut off health benefits to their workers if Congress passes a law allowing patients to sue managed care plans for malpractice.


  18. The employers apparently fear the legislation could open the door to the same kinds of suits against them. Companies are already struggling to contain rising health costs and deal with workers who complain that managed care blocks their access to care.


  19. Although companies have relied on health maintenance organizations and other types of managed care firms to control costs through most of the 1990s, the Hewitt survey showed employers have serious concerns about the health plans.


  20. Whatever you decide to do in the way of part-time and vacation work while you‘re at university,make sure that you take the following issues into consideration before committing yourself:


  21. Interface with the Business Development Support Group to assist in developing strategic communication plans for new business development, working with government relations and protocol specialist in supporting visits from various external stakeholders.


  22. External communications experience in a media, corporate or agency setting, knowledge of media and communications vehicles and the fundamental principles of journalism and public relations, successful project management experience, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  23. In many states this year, budget requests by state universities have had to be scaled back or frozen, while tuition, the share of the cost borne by the students themselves, has gone up—in some cases faster than the rate of inflation.


  24. So it was against this backdrop that members of the National Governors Association came together in this New England city this past week to discuss issues of common concern, one being higher education.


  25. And the focus of their talks about colleges centered not on how money could be more effectively directed, but how to get greater productivity out of a system that many feel has become highly inefficient and resistive to change.


  26. As a result, the governors will embark on a three-year study of higher education systems and how to make state colleges and universities better able to meet the challenges o a global economy in the 21st century.


  27.“With tuition rising faster than the rate of inflation and students taking longer and longer to finish college, one of these days the public is going to say,”‘Enough!’“Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Ridge said.


  28. Ridge and his fellow governors came away from the meetings resolute in the belief that higher education needs a fresh look and possibly a major boost in productivity to meet demands of new technologies and a changing work force.


  29. Several governors noted that establishment of clearer standards, greater efficiencies in providing services, and more student competency testing might be needed, in addition to curriculum inspection.


  30. Like our political society, the university is under severe attack today and perhaps for the same reason; namely, that we have accomplished much of what we have set out to do in this generation, that we have done so imperfectly, and while we have been doing so, we have said a lot of things that simply are not true.


  31. The university should use one-fourth of a student‘s time in his undergraduate years and organize it into courses which might be called history, and literature and philosophy, and anything else appropriate and organize these around primary problems.


  32. On the other hand, there could be very serious consequences if this knowledge were used intentionally to produce superior and subordinate classes, each genetically prepared to carry out a predetermined mission.


  33. After all, the purpose of education is not only to impart knowledge but to teach students to use the knowledge that they either have or will find, to teach them to ask and seek answers for important questions.


  34. Many people expect this to change fundamentally the nature of television programming and viewing, from a broadcast medium (dominated by big networks like Britain‘s BBC and ITV and the big US networks, showing a mixture of programme types with something for everyone) to a“narrowcast” medium more like today’s magazines and radio.


  35. The argument is that, as with gardening magazines today, such a channel could generate revenue both from subscriptions (since it would be tailored to that target audience) and from advertising (not just for gardening products, but also for other products and services such as cruise holidays and financial services aimed at the same target market)。


  36. In the five years I‘ve worked here, we’ve gone to off-campus parties to write about underage drinking at our local college, exposed corruption in a local economic development group, and traced an embezzlers criminal past all the way to Alaska. I‘ve never seen our paper back down from a story.


  37. Recently, when a young boy was shot to death, I had to repeatedly leave the scene to update my editor from a pay phone, while the reporter from a competing paper used his cell phone to chat with his office from the doorstep of the victim‘s house.


  38. They lose daily contact with Nature, their idea of Nature is rather vague and non-experiential, so they think that they are independent of and above Nature, or even can live without Nature.


  39. Thinking in terms of public experiences, we find that joyous experiences are a means; when thinking subjectively, or in terms of ones own sense experiences, we find that joyous experiences are an end.


  40. So we should view joyous experiences and life sustenance in this way: Lifeis a carrier of senses and values, but not all sorts of senses and values are permitted, pursuance of forbidden ones will lead to the threat or even discontinuance of life as an individual and as a whole.


  41. Competition, formerly between individual firms, is now mainly between nations, and is therefore conducted by methods quite different from those formulated by the classical economists.(3)


  42. We may say, therefore, speaking very generally, that men have used the increased productivity which they owe to science for three chief purposes in succession: first, to increase the population; then, to raise the standard of comfort; and, finally, to provide more energy to war.


  43. Web browsers! Interactive software! Theres a lot of new technology talk going on in public relations these days, and its coming from a variety of sources.


  44. The foundations of good public relations remain the same: anticipating and meeting the needs of clients and the media, and providing informed and useful counsel.


  45. The delivery system is part of the message and contributes to the overall image, so the practitioner should consider how that system affects the client, the product, and the audiences.


  46. In the last presidential election, more than one candidate had problems with their personal web-pages because webmasters were not kept up to date on changes in campaign strategy and messages.


  47. They believe that those regulations, which exclude most poor husband and wife families from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) assistance grants, contribute to the problem of family dissolution.


  48. The third type is the unhappily married couple, who remain together out of a sense of economic responsibility for their children, because of the high costs of separation, or because of the consumption benefits of marriage.


  49. Much of the variation in marital stability across income classes can be explained by the variation in costs of dissolution imposed by society, such as division of property, and child support.


  50. To the extent that welfare is a form of government subsidized AFDC payments, it reduces the costs of separation and guarantees a minimal standard of living for wife and children.