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My hometown four island ring, beautiful scenery. I love the weather, hot summer, love it fallen leaves of autumn, I love snow of winter, but the more love the beautiful spring.

The spring flowers in full bloom, the hometown of hillside orchard is full of flower, a beautiful apple blossoms, pink peach blossom, beautiful pear flower... Flowers to greet the arrival of spring, sending out the aroma. Attracted a lot of bees, dance around the flowers.

The river willows new shoots in spring breeze blowing, like a fly on the sky, the birds fly freely in the air, the river little tadpole looking for mom.

Grass, a group of lovely children happy flying a kite. Only beautiful kite flying in the sky, suddenly, lively up in the sky, the eagle kites, small fish kite... A bird in the sky as if to say: “seem more a few friends.”

The distant fields, the farmers took advantage of the good times busy sowing in spring, they play is not only a seed, but of hope.

Hometown spring is beautiful!









Spring is coming, and everything is reviving.


The thawed stream is Dingding in winter and the withered grass is turning green. There are many flowers in spring, including jasmine, Magnolia, Rhododendron All the hibernating animals woke up and the geese flew back from the south. The children put on their spring clothes and fly kites together outside.


Spring is so beautiful. I like spring!



Spring is coming, a burst of spring rain also arrived. The rain continuous underground, silently onto the earth. A few days later, I want to go to long gang mountain, see the spring is really about.

Just to long post at the foot of the mountain, I was shocked that the beauty of spring, see, originally a piece of yellow mountain, green trees now, as if everything is contended for replacement of spring, lianshan cabin door the row of winter haruki was just out of twigs to cover. Spring scenery like will flow, from here to there, is a piece of green, the mountain is the sea of green.

Appreciate for a moment, I went to the mountains. Just entered the trail, the trees on both sides of the attracted me. Pieces of stretching to bud, green as jade, like a jasper, like paint on. Some still leaf buds, leaves embrace each other together, like a group of good brothers inseparable. These branches swaying trees, for the long gang mountain contributed the most to life.

Looked down and saw more than the trees green with a green came into my eyes, I stare big eyes, carefully looked at the gorgeous color. The green green a little more than pale green, but more shallow than the plum green. In the light of the sun, will also reflect a bright light. This is invisible to the green in normal times, only in the spring of the mountain, to see this mysterious green. In the soft grass, there are pieces of beautiful wild flowers. These small and exquisite flowers, one here, there, one point for grass cui more beautiful. A gust of wind blowing, several kinds of flowers together, refreshing.

This is the long gang mountain and the beautiful spring, makes me intoxicated.


刚到长岗山脚下,我就被这春天的美丽给怔住了,看,原本一片枯黄的山,现在已经树木葱茏了, 仿佛一切都争着更换春装,连山中小屋门前那排冬春树也被刚抽出来的嫩枝给覆盖了。春色仿佛会流动似的,从这儿到那儿,都是一片绿色,整座山都是绿色的海洋。





We all know, the spring is a colourful season. The grass and the new green clothes, they row tidy team, doing morning exercise! Floret wear red new hat, they bend the bow, bow to connect! The creek ice, “ding-dong, ding-dong” sound, vocal music being played? In the sky, orioles and swallows brings us happiness. A: wow! Spring is a colorful season!

As the saying goes: spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. Spring is one of the most important season. Can make spring flowers in full bloom, in the fall, the flowers large, round fruit. If there is no spring, which come so much fruit? And can make the tree sprouted leaves in spring, summer, the leaves grow so lush and green, if did not have the spring, which come so much green leaves?

I want to, I must study well, take a good result, grow up to become useful talents.





Spring comes at last. Everything begings to grow. The trees turn green and the flowers come out. On the playground, in the fields, on each side of the road, the young grass grows everywhere.


Spring also arrives in our school. Come and see, behind our teaching building, there are some small pear trees covered with flowers smiling at you. Some are yellow, some are red and some are white.


In our school garden, more flowers are there. All kinds of flowers of many colors can be seen.


Look! there are some kites fiying in the sky. The spring wind is blowing. The sun is shining brightly. Some boys are playing games in the sun.


Listen! A group of girls are singing “Where"s spring?”. It sounds like the singing of lark.

听!一群女孩在唱“春天在哪里?”。 听起来像百灵鸟的歌声。

What a beautiful season! How lovely the children are!



Spring comes.I love spring best,because it"s very beautiful.In spring,the weather is aways sunny and rainy,it"s not cold and not hot,it"s warmer and warmer.The flowers begin to open and the trees begin to turn green.The birds are singing in the sky,they are happy.The animals will go out to play.Many people like to go out and enjoy the sunshine.I like wearing my sweater and jeans, I like to fly kites,plant trees and see the beautiful flowers. Spring is colorful,I think it"s a wonderful season. What"s your favourite season?Please tell me.




When you look around, you will find that the spring is coming. The breeze is gently brushing your face. The blue sky is above you. After raining, the flowers are blooming in the garden. The living beings start to grow. Everything is full with vigor and fragrance. The best season of this year, you cann’t miss it and you will love it.

The spring is coming, it brings green to the trees and grass, pink and yellow to the flowers. Activeness to the animals. Hopes to the human beings. The birds start to sing, the farmers begin to plant crops in the fields. In spring, everywhere is full of hope. People usually say that a good beginning is half done, while spring is the beginning of a year. So we should appreciate it and make the most use of it. Try the best to spread seeds in spring and you will get a good harvest in autumn. Then you will see how important spring is and how lovely it is.





Spring is coming.


The sun is shinning.


The wind is blowing.


The flowers are blooming.


The grass and the trees are growing.


The children are singing and dancing.


The entire world is reviving.




Imperceptible in, the cold winter quietly slip away from us. Connect with we walked into the warm spring.

In the spring, as if into the green world full of vigor and vitality. Look, the grass, the grass secretly leaned out from the ground to the head, scrambling to welcome the arrival of the spring; The river, willows are changed into the green"s new clothes, willow branches in the wind, as if in waved to the spring, and danced in the wind. In the field, the difference in bathed in sunshine moist, stretch the body thrive, distance like spread the green carpet to earth.

In the spring, on how to into the colorful pictures. The garden, golden jasmine and some unknown colorful flowers, bloom in all, the spring dressed as a married waiting for the bride, especially bright beautiful. The orchard, pink peach blossom, the red apricot flowers, white pear flower, also are open. Flowers, numerous bees fly around, they are busy honey; Only butterflies flutter from flower to flower, like each other in transmitting the information and the joy of spring.

In the spring, as if into paradise full of tong qu. On campus, students in the playground chase scenes, play in the grass edge, with our laughter everywhere. The square, children play happily, along to fly a kite. See only a kite flying in the sky, the children also released his childhood dream.






Spring is the first season of a year. There are three months in spring: March, April and May.


The weather is warm and windy. It rains a lot. The trees turn green and all the flowers are coming out.


In spring, I can wear my shirts. I often plant trees and go hiking. So I like spring very much.




春天到了,小草变绿了,花儿开放了,蝴蝶和小蜜蜂匆匆忙碌着;小河的水变清了,鱼儿在快活地游来游去;东风吹来,风筝飞满了天;阳光里,不知名的小飞虫在跳跃着;小蚂蚁也钻出洞 穴,忙着找食物;大树脱下厚厚的`冬衣,发出嫩芽;小朋友们也脱下那厚厚的棉衣,换上春装,手拉手在暖暖的阳光下蹦呀。跳呀・・・・・・春天真美!

When spring comes, the grass turns green, the flowers open, the butterflies and the bees are busy in a hurry; the water in the river becomes clear, the fish are swimming around happily; the east wind blows, the kites fly all over the sky; in the sun, the unknown flying insects are jumping; the ants are also drilling holes Hole, busy looking for food; tree take off the thick winter clothes, send out buds; children also take off the thick cotton clothes, put on the spring clothes, hand in hand in the warm sun jump ah. Jump... Spring is beautiful!